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Global Nomad Hacks

Join Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste as she interviews experts that share their stories on mastering the global nomad lifestyle.  What does it take to be (and raise) a good global citizen? What products and services enable us to thrive as digital and global nomads? Remote work and school as a lifestyle by choice and by force. 

Apr 9, 2021

Welcome back to Global Nomad Hacks. Wow, what a year it's been. I can't believe we are actually on our first anniversary, and we launched this show about global nomads being global citizens and living a life that really embraces the world community and being part of it on so many different levels during a pandemic, when no one could travel and we've had an incredible year. We've covered everything from identity theft and cyber security, to resilience in divorce, as a divorce love refuge, Bi-National marriages, e-commerce, and looking at different opportunities as digital nomads. Different types of travel personalities, and how you can be traveling with someone and picking your ideal travel partner. Looking at different ways that you can do this, looking at the insurance that is required and how we can attain that. Looking at how to thrive and how to avoid extremism and not take part in that, but also to contribute to the neutrality of it. Learning everything in so many different angles.

We've had such wonderful guests from Mark Philpott and Dr. Anna Cabeca to Farah Pandith and Kristin Engvig with the Women's International Network. We talked to a need abuse about green cards for extraordinary abilities. Lots of different coaches that work with digital nomads and work with global nomads and ex-pats from across the globe. Not just from the American perspective, but really a wonderful mix. We had Robert Carlbo,, an old and dear friend who was a third culture kid, Liberian Swede, who is a tennis master, who had the most wonderful story of growing up in Liberia and Sweden, and then coming to the US to go to school and work, and eventually marrying an American.

Just so many wonderful different stories about how we learn to thrive in this changing world, and the different things that we can do to make that happen and happen beautifully. And ways that we can really embrace our ability to be global citizens and to connect with other global citizens. We've also curated this incredible list of different products and services and stories and people in books and everything around the global nomad hacks community, and we opened up a section for people to really understand where they can find these resources. So, not just the interviews that we've done, but also some of the resources we've come across as global nomads herself, so we found a great way to share these with you, and I hope you all go check out the global notchback, it's really about power resources for people that really aspire to be global Nomads. Just so many wonderful things, and I just feel so blessed to who have been part of this incredible year with all of you and look forward to sharing more as we move forward. 

And to celebrate that and to celebrate our one year anniversary, this episode is really going to be a compilation of some of our favorites and some of the little things that we've come across on the way on this last year's journey. And celebrating the slow opening of return to travel and return to connection and opening of borders for love refugees, connecting people and families again. So, I just want to say thank you all for being loyal listeners, I hope you'll share this podcast with others who aspire to be global nomads, and who are already global nomads, because I think there's some really great resources that we can all benefit from.

It is my honor and my pleasure to share with you some of the highlights from the past year and look forward to an incredible upcoming year with you as well. Enjoy and have a nice journey wherever that might take you.