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Global Nomad Hacks

Join Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste as she interviews experts that share their stories on mastering the global nomad lifestyle.  What does it take to be (and raise) a good global citizen? What products and services enable us to thrive as digital and global nomads? Remote work and school as a lifestyle by choice and by force. 

Mar 12, 2021

Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste interviews Serial entrepreneur Lauren Cohen is an International Lawyer, Realtor and Cross-Border Expert.

Lauren is also a best-selling author and sought-after speaker and is a globally-acclaimed legal and real estate business advisor. Lauren’s passion for protecting the heart and soul of businesses shines through in all aspects of the services that she and her team provide. A graduate of York University and Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Lauren is a dual citizen. She has been featured in Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, Working Mother, TV, hundreds of podcasts and radio shows and numerous other mediums. Lauren launched her own podcast, Investing Across Borders, in November, 2020.

After her then-husband’s deportation on the return trip from her honeymoon, Lauren was devastated. She felt compelled to find solutions for herself and others, and strongly believed that she could make a difference, so she turned to the crazy world of immigration and international law. Today, Lauren is recognized as an expert authority in her field. Real estate investors and entrepreneurs hire her as a turnkey concierge to protect their businesses and revenues so they can avoid costly challenges while expanding internationally.

Lauren believes in going above and beyond borders to navigate a successful path for clients to invest, live, work and play—anywhere! As a lawyer and realtor, Lauren is particularly well suited to guide investors

in their cross-border investment pursuits, applying e-Council Global’s harmonized concierge approach to residential and commercial investments both domestically and internationally.

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